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  THE POPULARITY OF SHISHA SMOKING IN YOUNG PEOPLE AND THE UNREGULATED SPACE IT EXISTS IN. Source: The Feed The amount of young people smoking cigarettes has never been lower, but shisha delivery services and bars are opening up more than ever. The Feed spoke to those in the shisha business as well as the...
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How to talk to someone who is hesitant about the coronavirus vaccine Given how new COVID-19 vaccines are, it’s normal for people to be unsure or have questions about getting one. Here’s how best to talk to people about vaccine hesitancy and navigate the delicate discussion. Vaccine hesitancy can be difficult to talk about Source: Nick Mooney/SBS...
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Local GPs are splitting off their practices to specifically handle the COVID-19 vaccine in order to keep up with a surge in demand at clinics of people wanting to receive the jab. The radical proposal comes as GP clinics will start to vaccinate thousands of Australians from Monday for the start of phase 1b of...
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Now that the cooler weather his upon us, so is wild mushroom season!  Please BE AWARE when picking your own mushrooms that there are POISONOUS mushrooms growing in and around Melbourne. The Death Cap mushroom The mushroom seen below is known as the Death Cap mushroom and is so poisonous that eating only one of...
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